How to visualize a song

I love lyrics and I often wondered how to visualize a song outside of my head and by not using a video. One day I stumpled upon some posts where tea mugs were decorated using Sharpie pens. They led me to the Sharpie Markers Blog, which drove me to try this on my own, but in a different way. So, here’s to you my first try to visualize a song..

Used Materials:

Coffee or tea mug, plus saucer (not sausage, that’s something else) if you like
Sharpie Pen(s) with different tips, depending on your preferences and stuff

Step One: Find a song you like love

I choose “So long” by DONOTS feat. Frank Turner


Step Two: Pick your favourite text passages


Step Three: Practice, try to visualize the passages


Step Four: Get serious, draw on the mug

Step Five: When done bake the mug @180° C (350° F) for 30mins


Step Six: Repeat Step One to Five with saucer


Depending on the pen’s tip thickness, you might have to draw the lines twice in order to get constant & dark lines. And make sure to use always the same pen, do not take a non-permanent one in the middle of the work (like me..) – you’ll most likely have to redo that part, because all of the paint is now on your fingers or whereever it lands. Not good.


For Carmen.

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